John Canfield is a knowledgeable energy professional who is an absolute pleasure to work with. He takes complex ideas and makes them clear, understandable and easy for customers to make decisions about.
— Hunter Lovins, President and Founder of Natural Capitalism

Helping you meet Agency or Corporate Sustainability Goals

Trident works with private companies to improve building energy performance and meet overall sustainability goals. Trident can calculate baseline energy performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and calculate potential energy and cost savings from a review of utility bills and/or from on-site technical energy audits. For carbon reporting requirements, Trident can translate energy savings into greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Check out our example project below.

Natural Capitalism Solutions’s Corporate Sustainability Vision Pathways

Trident Energy Services worked as a contractor for Natural Capitalism Solutions to conduct energy audits and make recommendations for improving energy use for two of Natural Capitalism Solutions' clients including: Sundance Channel and CDW Corporation. The recommendations made by Trident were fully integrated with the company’s sustainability opportunities and vision pathway deliverable. As a result of Trident’s work, each company was better equipped to implement energy saving measures and reduce their overall carbon footprint.