John Canfield speaking at 8th Annual Market Transformation Conference

John will be speaking at the 8th Annual Market Transformation Conference hosted by the Energy Services Coalition.  John will be featured as co-presenter for the GESPC Fundamentals Program on August 22nd.

The conference will be held at the Curtis Hotel in Denver, Colorado from August 22 and 23.

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Trident selected by State of Missouri to Support GESPC

The State of Missouri's Department of Economic Development, Division of Energy selected Trident Energy Services in a competitive solicitation to provide consulting services to support its efforts to promote the use of Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting (GESPC) as a means of achieving energy reductions and related cost savings in State Office of Administration buildings.

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Arkansas Energy Office Hires Trident to Support GESPC Program

Trident was selected by the State of Arkansas’ Energy Office to lead the development of a new, state-wide GESPC program. Trident worked with the Arkansas Energy Office, the State Procurement Office, and the Arkansas Building Authority to develop processes, procedures, and “new generation” GESPC documents, to serve as the bases for its GESPC program. In addition, we helped re-qualify ESCOs, and launch and support the new GESPC program.

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Trident wins another GESPC project with Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Trident was competitively selected again by the DEQ under a multi-year contract to assist with the re-launching of its entire GESPC program.  This builds off of past work done by Trident to provide GESPC support for two pending GESPC projects: the University of Montana and Montana State University.

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Trident wins Contract with Colorado Energy Office to Continue to Provide GESPC Facilitation

Trident was selected once again to serve the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) in the role of Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting facilitator. Since the 1990's, the CEO has supported GESPC in over 100 public jurisdictions resulting in close to a half billion in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation upgrades. 

Announcing the Turnkey Integrated Energy Resources (TIER) program

Trident is pleased to announce the launch of our new energy efficiency services line, the Turnkey Integrated Energy Resources (TIER) program. The TIER program provides customized energy efficiency solutions for your business and helps you save money and energy.

Schedule your initial consultation with Trident to get started on the path towards energy savings.

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Trident is supporting Wyoming Energy Conservation Improvement Program with the Wyoming Business Council

Trident has been competitively selected to assist the Wyoming Business Council re-launch the previously suspended Wyoming Energy Conservation Improvement Program (WYECIP). The WYECIP is a state-wide guaranteed energy savings performance contracting (GESPC) program for local governments, State agencies, and higher education institutions. Trident helped the State develop new GESPC contract documents, competitively select participating energy service companies and assists agencies through the GESPC process.

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