governor ritter at the south routt School District -  Unveiling of NEw BIomass System Through EPC

In 2010, Trident was selected by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to provide GESPC support for two pending GESPC projects: the University of Montana and Montana State University. Trident participated in project planning with the Universities and the DEQ and took part in a group presentation to the State Board of Regents to explain the benefits of GESPC to the Higher Education system. Both projects were ultimately approved and are currently in progress. 

In 2014, Trident was selected again by the DEQ under a multi-year contract to assist with the re-launching of its entire GESPC program.  Trident helped craft improved GESPC legislation language that was eventually adopted by the state, facilitated group stakeholder meetings, identified improvements for the existing GESPC program, improved original GESPC processes and documents, and developed a best practices guide.

 To learn more about the Montana GESPC Program click here.