Fruita Middle School

Mesa County School District 51 is located in Grand Junction, CO. The District had a long list of needed energy efficiency and building upgrades for their 122 buildings. The primary concerns were with old and inefficient heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems and lighting systems. Upon review during several site visits through a guaranteed energy savings performance contract 79 of their 122 buildings qualified for lighting system retrofits and new HVAC systems were identified for several buildings throughout their jurisdiction.

Trident provided support to the school district at every step of the project, including: analyzing existing utility bill consumption and costs, determining potential opportunities for savings, assisting with Request for Proposals for Energy Service Company selection evaluating project proposals, and conducting third party verification of technical deliverables. When the project is completed Trident will also assist the City with the Measurement and Verification process.

The total project cost is approximately $4,700,000 for two phases. In the middle of a county-wide recession, Mesa School District did not have any capital to fund these improvements and relied solely on financing mechanisms. Through their utility, the school district received $1,100,000 from utility rebates and $100,000 in the Governor’s Energy Office grants, while the balance will be paid with a lease purchase agreement. Annual payments are made using the savings from utility and operation and maintenance costs, which are expected to exceed $600,000 each year for both phases. The energy improvements are expected to save Mesa School District over 6,000,000 kWh of electricity annually. 

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