La Plata Courthouse

La Plata County implemented energy and water saving measures with a 2-phased guaranteed energy savings performance contract (GESPC). In the first phase, the County elected to self-fund measures that would pay themselves pay back over a relatively short amount of time. Measures included: lighting retrofits, solar hot water heating, and boiler replacements. In Phase 2 the County upgraded old and inefficient equipment, including: fans, rooftop units, and pumps, and installed photovoltaic solar collectors. These measures had a longer payback but would significantly cut down operation and maintenance costs. The County received approximately $700,000 in Department of Local Affairs grants to help fund the second phase of the project. 

Trident regularly visited the County and presented the GESPC process to board members, helped prepare Request for Proposals and contractual documents, reviewed technical documents submitted by the Energy Service Company, and worked on the County’s behalf to ensure successful completion of the project.

The total cost for Phase 1 was around $500,000 with annual savings of $34,000 and reduced energy needs of 255,000 kWh. The cost for Phase 2 was $1,100,000 and with annual savings projected to be $35,000 and reduced energy needs of 380,000 kWh.