Trident works with agencies and organizations to cooperatively develop strategies for improving facility energy performance. 

Energy Engineering Consulting

Trident conducts facility energy audits, calculates baseline energy performance and greenhouse gas emissions, determines potential opportunities for improving energy use, and works with these organizations throughout the implementation process.

Being well versed with a wide variety of financing mechanisms, Trident works diligently with all of our clients to ensure that each client receives appropriate funds to supplement or cover projects costs. 

Check out some of our example projects below. 

Main Street Efficiency Initiative for the Governor's Energy Office (currently the Colorado Energy Office)

The Main Street Efficiency Initiative used American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds to match local funding opportunities to reduce energy costs for local businesses, create local jobs, and reduce carbon emissions. Trident managed and helped administer four Main Street Energy Initiative programs on behalf of the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office (currently the Colorado Energy Office). Trident offered a range of services to help with implementation that included outreach and communication, utility bill analyses, review of utility-conducted energy audits, identification and assistance with utility sponsored rebates and other incentive programs, contractor evaluation, and savings quantification. As support to the GEO, Trident also created a roadmap and basic training for developing and implementing local Main Street programs throughout all of Colorado and performed extensive program reporting for the Department of Energy. 

SAVEnergy audits for Federal Energy Management Program 

Zion National Parks (Photo Courtesy of NREL)

Under the guidance of the Federal Energy Management Program, Trident performed several SAVEnergy audits for federal facilities including: Channel Islands National Park Headquarters, Zion National Park, and the U.S. Geological Society National Wetlands Research Center. The purpose of the SAVEnergy program was to help federal facilities reach the target goal of 30% less energy use by 2010 under the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and Executive Order 13123. The audits summarized the results from energy and water saving measures and renewable energy projects.

Trident calculated energy and water consumption values before and after upgrades took place and the greenhouse gas emission reductions from each measure. Trident also worked with the agency to determine the financial impact from each measure, assisted in locating funding sources to supplement the project cost, and provided support through the ongoing verification process.

Public School Energy Analysis for Parsons Corporation

The Colorado Department of Education contracted Parsons to survey all Colorado school districts to provide a facility needs assessment. Under contract to Parsons, Trident provided the energy audit design and analysis for this effort in 2009 and 2010. The results were used to direct the BEST legislative funding for Colorado school districts most in need of upgrades.